Sunday, April 09, 2006

Two hands, two wins, $22

It's been a bad few days at the online tables, with losses Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and getting my very large stack booted from a freeroll tourney when I went all in after the flop with an over pair, getting called by an low pocket pair that hit a set on the turn.

Today, however: mmmm... toasty.

Playing two simultaneous tables (a 25¢/50¢ and a 50¢/$1), I'm sitting about even for the day. I hit quad fives for a nice chunk o' change, but just got my aces cracked by an all-in suited connector that hit runner-runner for the flush. Because he was all-in for $1.05, I didn't lose much, but I wanted to give the impression that I was steaming. Maybe I was, a little bit, because the next hand I'm dealt QTs under the gun, and as I click "call" for 50¢, and then call the big blind's 50¢ raise, I'm thinking that I shouldn't really be in this hand with these weak cards.

Four players: big blind, me, middle guy, and a guy who just posted the big blind to play.

Here's the flop: TcTsKh. I've hit a set, with a really good kicker. Only pocket kings are beating me now.

Big blind bets. I raise to $1. Middle guy folds. Posting guy raises to $1.50.

Big blind calls. I cap it at $2. Posting guy and big blind call.

The turn is Jd. AQ or 9Q or JJ or KK all will beat me, but I don't think many of these drawing hands would stay in, except maybe KK or AQ.

Big blind checks. Is he trapping me? I bet $1. Middle guy raises to $2. Posting guy folds. Big blind calls. The AQ or KK possibility worries me, so I call.

The river is a beautiful Qs. Anyone trying for a straight has hit it, but my full house will now beat them. Big blind checks. Nice -- he doesn't have it. I bet $1. Middle guy facing a $1 bet into a $16.75 pot... folds?!?. He's worse than a 16:1 dog? Unless he's got absolutely nothing, I always figure there's a 10% chance that someone's on a complete bluff. Big blind calls, and shows Qd4s, for two pair (QQTTK). I bring in the $17.75 pot.

My other big hand isn't nearly as cool -- just pocket nines facing a board of 866/2/J, facing A8 and K8. Another $6.80.

[Edit: added the fact that posting guy folded on the turn. Minor detail.]

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