Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ninjas and knights run amok in Pierce County

Apparently, the Tacoma City Council is afraid of swordfish wielding martial artists, because their weapons of choice are available at the local Qwik-E-Mart.

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department tracks assaults that involve weapons. Here are statistics from 2003 and 2004. Detailed information from the Tacoma Police Department was not available.
• Swords 50
• Machete 20
• Brass knuckles 18
• Daggers 11
• Nunchaku 11
• Blow guns (darts) 7
• Other martial arts 22

Full story at the News Tribune. Man, Pierce County's a fun place to live.

1 comment:

Thornkin said...

Have the people trying to ban these swords ever seen them up close? 99% of the swords you'll find in a convenient sword would break before puncturing the skin. They are generally decorative, not useful.