Friday, August 18, 2006

Europa kickback

Got this in an e-mail today from Europa (where I've lost $300 the last few weeks):

I'm pleased to inform you that you've qualified for this week's $25.00 Loyalty Bonus, and it's been credited to your account!

Same restrictions as before, so Pai Gow was a logical choice. The $25 was sticky, and the WR was only 5x ($125), so I figured I'd put it all on one hand. I won, with $100 WR to go. Bet again, won again, with $75 to go. At this point I dropped down to $5 a hand, and 15 hands later, with $0 WR left, I was at $56.45. Time to stop. I tossed the 45 cents in a slot machine, and ended with $59 total. Take out the sticky $25, and I end up ahead $34, even though I'm down $261 at Europa overall.

Europa $25 loyalty bonus: +$34
Something-out-of-nothing to date: $4,380

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