Wednesday, August 09, 2006

This state sucks, buy may have saved me money

The site:

The offer: 320% bonus on a $100 deposit, 12x WR, BJ, Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, SicBo, and War don't qualify.

The chat:

Amber: o.k, you want to know the restricted games and wagering req?
Me: I've seen the restricted games list, but not a list of games available (other than generic "card games"). Is, for example, Red Dog available and eligible?
Me: or Pai Gow? Or Three card poker?
Amber: any game that you dont see there, will be good for the wager, but let me check this game one sec ;-)
Amber: it is a card game?
Me: Yes. ...
Amber: we dont have this game im afraid
Amber: cool, i see you, you ready to deposit?
Me: I'd like to look around the casino first.
Amber: sure, tell me when you ready, im here :-)
Me: Hey, I'm seeing a Red Dog table. That's the game you checked on earlier, and said you didn't have. Cool! Is it an eligible game to meet the requirements? [red flag! red flag!]

Amber: great :-)
Amber: sorry about that one ;-)
Amber: let me check it one sec
Amber: it is good :-)
Me: Great!
Amber: yea
Amber: so lets do it then?
Amber: or you want to check it more?
Me: Just a second...
Amber: sure, im here ;-)
Me: The web page with the T&C for the 320% bonus has disappeared -- how can I find it again? [red flag! red flag!]
Amber: i will tell you all you need?
Amber: just ask
Me: I just wanted to keep a copy for my records.
Me: Can you recap the wagering requirements, and confirm that the bonus is cashable?
Amber: when we done, you will be able to enter your email and get this chat sent to you :-)
Amber: in the spirit of fair gaming, you need to wager 12 times your deposit + bonus (18 for pounds) in order to cash out.
Amber: cool?
Amber: ;-)
Me: Perfect. Let's make the deposit.
Amber: cool, do you know how?
Me: Looks pretty self explanatory.
Amber: lol
Amber: make the deposit, i will issue you the bonus, if you have any Q or problem, just ask me, cool;?
Me: My neteller deposit of 100 is being declined. Any idea why?
Amber: let me check it one sec
Amber: you from Washington state?
Me: Yup.
Amber: im afraid that your state is not eligible for online gambling
Amber: you cant make any deposit :-(
Me: Doh! That's too bad. Thanks anyway.
Me: Time to write my senator,I think :-)
Amber: sorry about that
Amber: lol
Me: No problem. I understand.
Me: Have a good evening.
Amber: you do the same

It's getting tough to find good bonuses any more -- and I was ready to drop $100 in spite of the missing terms and conditions, and in spite of Casinomeister's recommendation, "This casino ought to be avoided." Probably for the best, I suppose.

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