Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Riding high on the Horse tourney

I scored my biggest tournament win ever. Maybe I won more at some tournament in my run of winter 2004, but I'm pretty proud of this one.

It didn't start well -- I signed up for a 45-player NLHE tournament, got dealt AA on hand 1, went all in after a flop of JJ4, and got called by J5 and J8, ending in 44th place. Maybe I'll do better at Horse.

Sixteen players, $1.50 + $0.25 buy-in, top four positions pay. One hour, eight minutes later, I come in first place, winning $9.60. I was down in the lower quartile for most of the first half hour, then won a big razz hand against two others. I was never lower than 7th place the rest of the tournament.

Hold 'em: Play good starting hands. :-)
Omaha hi/lo: Play A2 or A3 double suited, or four high cards. Fold if you miss the flop.
Stud eight or better: Go for the low; if you back into the high, bonus!
Stud: Fold unless you've got a pair or better (55K/5/x/x/x won me a ton!)
Razz: Fold unless you've got three low cards
I simultaneously played another 45-player $1 + $0.20 NLHE tourney, and I was the bubble boy, holding TT in the big blind and throwing a third of my entire $9000 stack against a very agressive $12,000 stack pre-flop. The flop came A97, and I decided to go all-in against him with a check-raise. He put in $3000, I went all in, he called, and showed A3. The turn and river didn't help. Curse you, Phil Hellmuth.

I think a big part of what helped me go so deep in both tournaments... I wasn't paying a lot of attention, and had to think "What game is this? Is this a premium hand in this game?" every hand, and folding if I had any doubts. That kept me from playing marginal hands.

Oh, in other notes,

  • I'm also about 7% through the WR at Casino On Net ($10,000 WR for a 100% $200 bonus).
  • I did well at a poker night at Bill's on Saturday (+$7).
  • I'm waiting for my Europa withdrawal to show up.
  • The hand of the night is in the screen shot to the right. Glad I had crap and folded pre-flop.

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