Monday, August 28, 2006

Tilt - game over - tilt

After (stupidly) playing past the WR at Europa two weeks ago, and a run of bad luck at Happy Days early yesterday morning, I tilted off $50 at Bet Casino last night. After receiving a $50 bonus with $3500 WR, and playing several $1 hands (five at a time) and being +$18 instead of +$50, I tilted and started playing a D'Alembert system. Have I mentioned that D'Alembert is a losing system? Yeah, I guess I have. I was down to $49.50 (-$0.50), and decided "to heck with it," dropped $25 on one hand, and lost. Then another $24, and lost.

Bonuses are scarce, I'm on blackjack tilt, I'm lacking the patience to play through the WR at minimum bets... time to cash out. I'll leave a little cash in my Neteller account for poker buy-ins, but I'm done with bonus hunting for the foreseeable future.

Bet Casino 100% $50 bonus: -$50
Something-out-of-nothing to date: $4,330

For my own accounting (as reference for my 2006 taxes and remembering where the money went)...Neteller withdrawals:

$ 100 June 9 (Tracy's bachelor party)
$ 100 June 21 (paying bills while waiting for insurance settlement)
$ 100 PokerStars July 4
$ 100 July 19 (Nutcracker tickets)
$ 160 August 25 (Kim's camera)
$ 195 pending from Casino On Net; will w/d when it shows up
$3000 today (cashing out)
$ 531 remaining in account for poker buy-ins
$  44 not accounted for (bad math?)
$4330 total; initial deposit of $0

Not a bad run.

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