Friday, August 25, 2006

This stud's got razz hands! (and is -$5)

I played a pair of $1.50 + $0.25 horse tournaments (16 players, top four pay), ending 6th in the first and 7th in the second. My worst play in months came in the first tourney when I had a monster limit razz hand, something like A2456, pushed and raised and scared all but one guy out, who just called me down. The cards are shown, I've got the best hand, and he gets the chips? WTF?

Turns out, I was so busy kibitzing with LightningDuck (who was out of the hand), I missed the change from razz to limit stud. My opponent's hand had a high pair. I went from being the big chip leader to being in the low middle of the pack.

I made the exact same mistake in the second tournament, but fortunately after I made my third street call, LightningDuck typed "this isn't razz anymore". Whew. "I know", I lied back.

Good times.

Also, I started bonus grinding at CasinoOnNet on Tuesday night. Ive been avoiding it, even though every bonus hunting site recommends it. The WR is a non-sticky 100% $200 bonus with a WR of 50 x bonus (which makes it equivalent to the 25x bonus+deposit you'd find at other sites). I deposited $200, got $200 more in bonus, and started into the $10,000 WR at $2 a hand, three hands at a time.

Even worse, their software was painfully slow. On a fast site, I can play somewhere around five rounds a minute. Here, each round took at least 30-40 seconds.

Tuesday night, I ended at the WR$1076 level, with $377 left.
Wednesday night, I ended at the WR$2000 level, with $390 left.
Last night, I lost my patience, played $5 a hand instead of $2 a hand, and at WR$3755, was down to $195. Unlike most sites, they confirmed that I could withdraw my original deposit of $195, so I did so.

Casino On Net: 100% $200 bonus: -$5
Something-out-of-nothing to date: $4,375

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