Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bad boat beat

Monday, playing the 25¢/50¢ tables again, I went up another $4.67. I was up a bit, then down a bit, then ended up.

Yesterday, I was down, then up, then down, then up, and then got dealt A4s on the big blind. With three other players in, I call. The flop comes 445 rainbow, and I'm giddy, but this has been a fairly tight table, so if I go big, I'll scare away the others. I check, expecting someone to bet. The guy to my left checks, the next guy checks, and the button bets 25¢. He's obviously trying to buy this one, but if I raise to 50¢, I'll scare off the two checkers, and might just get a call from the button (which would be a net gain of 25¢). If, instead, I just call, the other three players might call, too. I call, the guy to my left folds, and the other two call (good move, I tell myself. +50¢ instead of +25¢).

The turn is an A. Full boat for me. I bet 50¢, middle position folds, and the button calls. He's gotta be sitting on something small, maybe he hit the 5 for two pair. I figure if he's got an ace, he does more than call here.

The river's a J. I'm hoping this hit his hand. I bet 50¢, he raises, I re-raise, he caps it, and I call.

I show my 444AA.

He shows his pocket fives, for 55544, and takes the pot.

Here I was trying to trap, yet he was trying to do the same. If either one of us had been more agressive, I'd have lost a lot more money. Whew.

I ended up down 24¢ for the night, which I think I made back in rakeback. It could've been a lot worse.

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