Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wearing Powerpuff Girls Underoos at the WSOP

So what superhero will you be dressing up as when you play at the WSOP?

Details are sketchy, but it seems that there will be a cumulative WSOP '06 points clash in all hold 'em events. The two players [Joe Sebok and Gavin Smith] will tally their total points in limit, pot-limit, and no-limit hold’em events beginning 6/27, and concluding 7/25...

For the first day of the Main Event '06, the losing player will be forced to dress up as anything that the winning player comes up with. You read that correctly. Anything.

For all subsequent days of the Main Event '06 that losing player is still alive with chips, they must dress up as different Superheroes picked out of a pre-approved hat by both parties. Said Superhero will be revealed each night before on both player’s separate blogs. Costumes for loser will not be enforced for last three days of the Main Event for possible marketing opportunities.

(Man, I felt like such a perv trying to find that image...)

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