Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Rammin and jammin with Big Slick

I'm dealt Ah Kc in middle position at a 9 player table (2¢/4¢ limit). Play has been very loose, with multiple players going to a river showdown.

The first three players fold, so I open with a raise. The player to my left folds, JeanLouisGV raises me, the button folds, and the blinds both call. I reraise to cap it. JeanLouiseGV and the blinds call. 32¢ pot.

The flop is 4s 7c Kd.

Small blind checks, big blind bets, I raise, JeanLouisGV raises. Small blind calls (weakness!), big blind caps it, I call, JeanLouisGV calls. 64¢ in the pot.

At this point, I can tell that the big blind and JeanLouisGV think they have decent hands. The small blind -- maybe a K with a weak kicker.

The turn is 3c.

This round of betting is identical to the last, except it's doubled, at check-4¢-8¢-12¢-call-16¢-call-call-call. The raggy turn didn't change anyone's style. $1.28 pot.

The river's a Td.

This round of betting is the same, except this time the big blind doesn't cap it. Weakness? It doesn't matter. I cap it and the other three call.

I show my K-K-A-T-7 Table details

I've out kicked JeanLouisGV, who had KJ for K-K-J-T-7

I've stomped the small blind's pocket 8's, which gave him 8-8-K-T-7

And the big blind? With his 75, he missed his set and missed inside straight draw, giving him 7-7-K-T-5.

After the 5¢ rake, I take down a $1.87 pot, +$1.39 for the hand.

Juicy. Any normal table, I'd have figured someone for at least two pair, but here... yum.

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