Saturday, March 04, 2006

Broke the $20 mark

This morning, after a particularly successful run at the 2¢/4¢ tables (four tables simultaneously), I broke the $20 mark for online play for the first time since my big online run in 2004. I've been doing poorly at tournaments (e.g., losing w/AK to A3), and although I've tried the 5¢/10¢ tables, the players there are incrementally smarter, meaning I have to pay more attention, meaning I can't do four tables at once effectively. I stand a better chance making money at two 2¢/4¢ tables than at one 5¢/10¢ table. Plus, the variance is less.

I think I've mentioned this before, but this is all off of a $2 win in a freeroll. It's real money, although my cost (other than time) has been $0. I suspect I'll have to make a deposit at some point in order to make a withdrawl, but that's not a problem.

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