Monday, March 06, 2006

Up, up, up

Twas a good weekend. I previously mentioned breaking the online $20 mark on Saturday morning, but then I walked 6½ miles with my daughter, exploring town just for the heck of it. It was a gorgeous, sunny day, a rarity for early March.

Saturday night, eight of us got together for our irregular home game. No particular hands stand out, although I learned several things:

1) that if you wear these, DarthSlumlord will laugh so much that he'll fold;

2) The Hammer (deuce-seven) can be an amusing hand to play, particularly when the flop comes T74, and the turn's a 2;

3) Trestin is the master of the slowplay. He flopped a set of fives, but gave the rest of the table two chances to draw out on him before making the big bet and bringing in an even bigger pot. I don't know that I'll ever be able to put him on anything.

4) TMIB plays a good tight game. He had the advantage (frustration?) of sitting to my left all night, and other than overvaluing small pairs post-flop, he held his own, up 15¢ for the night.

5) Shadowe played better than I expected, too. It wasn't until he got tired and a little on tilt that he began seeing bluffs that weren't there and pushing it with middle pair.

6) Beaker played the part of the quiet analyst, the Howard Lederer at the table. There were times that he acted as if he wanted to fold, but the pot odds obliged him to stay, and it paid off, with him ending up ahead on the night. I should have made odd raises like 85¢ to see what kind of mental gymnastics he was capable of.

I ended up $39 for the night, which gives me some good working capital in my bankroll, although I'm still down about $70 for the year (curse you, Commerce limit $1/$2)!

And yesterday? Up another 81¢ online, and spent a lazy two hours just sitting at Starbucks, reading the Sunday paper. The (yawn) Oscars are also much more yawn-less when you've got it Tivoed and can zip past the parts of the speech where the backup sound editor thinks that now would be a good time to show off his parenting skills and tells young Zephyr that it's time to go to bed.

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