Monday, March 13, 2006

Lakewood 3, slumlords 0: Vagabond shut down

The health department just shut down the Vagabond Motel, up near SR-512 and I-5.

As reported in Friday's edition of the Business Examiner Daily: The state Department of Health has immediately suspended the license of the Vagabond Motel, 10005 South Tacoma Way in Lakewood. Investigators discovered the motel has been violating construction, maintenance, electrical, fire and safety codes and operating under unsanitary conditions.

Conditions in the motel rooms included rats inside and outside the units. cockroach and ant infestations, mold, exposed electrical wiring, broken smoke detectors, garbage piled inside the rooms and outside the motel.

(Last November, I reported that the Colonial Motel got shut down for similar violations, and that the Fort Clark got burned out in the Cafe 99 fire.)

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