Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Celeb Poker Showdown gets new host: OMFG

Remember last week when I quoted Phil Gordon:

After 42 episodes of Celebrity Poker, I just want to see people play in turn, bet more than $200 into a $5K pot, and know when they have the nuts. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than saying ‘Phil Hellmuth loses another big pot, and it looks like he’s ready to implode!’ on national television.

Well, here's the important bits of Bravo's press release:

NEW YORK -- March 22, 2006 -- In support of the victims of hurricane Katrina and the City of New Orleans, Bravo's hit series, "Celebrity Poker Showdown," is set to film the next season in the ravaged Louisiana city. Joining the production will be poker champion and winner of nine World Series of Poker bracelets, Phil Hellmuth, who will serve as the series' new poker commentator and co-host, along with comedian Dave Foley. The all-new eighth tournament, featuring a million dollar prize pool will premiere this spring. ...Frances Berwick, Senior Vice President of Programming and Production for Bravo: "In Phil Hellmuth we have found an engaging, proven and renowned poker champion who we are confident will complement Dave Foley's comedic commentary and provide the insight our viewers rely on."

Hours and hours of "how can they play that crap?" Joy.


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Bill said...

I'm baffled.

I'm torn between avoiding the show and being drawn strongly to it.