Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Bad night; plus, NLH gives me the jibblies

Something just wasn't clicking last night. I was getting my two pair beat with sets, was getting sets cracked by obscure straights, and wasn't hitting the flop with my big blind rags in a seven-person pot.

Result: down $2.11 at the 2¢/4¢ limit tables yesterday. Bah.

So, feeling that, yeah, I'm a better player than this, I headed over to the 1¢/2¢ NO LIMIT table (maxbuy-in of $5) and sat down with $5. Ten minutes later, I'm down about another two bucks, and feeling like I should get out, but Oleg, a guy three to my right, has been in every pot, winning several with big 50¢-75¢ bets, but showing complete crap hands when it gets to the river. 50¢ bets at a 1¢/2¢ table give me the jibblies, and with my paltry $20 $18 bankroll, that's a significant chunk. It's time to bail.

But before the blind gets to me so I can leave the table, I get dealt pocket aces under the gun. I raise to 10¢, two callers, Oleg raises to 70¢, the button calls. If I'm gonna win this one against four players, I've got to buy it now, or at least eliminate most of them. I raise to $2. The callers fold, and Oleg thinks for a long time, then folds. The button folds. I flash my aces, and get the hell outta dodge, down only 21¢ after seeing my table balance showing as low as $1. Eeep.

(Yeah, values are rounded and guessed, so they won't add up right. Not like I can look it up from here.)

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