Tuesday, June 20, 2006

79 thousand pennies

Umm.. yeah. I won a boat full of money tonight.

Prism Casino's got a 250% sticky match bonus. I deposited $100, so started with $350, playing one $50 hand at a time. My balance got as low as $50 early on, but then took off, hitting $600 fairly quickly. My target was $850, and I still had about $4500 in WR to go, so I dropped down to $25 per hand, and started playing D'Alembert style. In spite of myself, I quickly hit $850, with $4000 in WR to go. I then flat bet $25 a hand, dropped down to $600, and D'Alemberted again.* At $875, I had about $2000 in WR to go, so dropped down to $5, two hands at a time.

Then the luck really kicked in. My ending balance? $1,140. No, there's no decimal point in that number.

Before making the withdrawal, I confirmed that I'd met the WR, and asked about the dozens of other bonuses available on their site. Surprisingly, the rep said that I'd be eligible to claim those bonuses, after my withdrawal was complete.

Subtract the $250 sticky, and the $100 deposit, and ...

Prism casino: $250 sticky bonus: +$790
Something-out-of-nothing to date: $2,885

*Yes, like all systems, D'Alembert is a long run losing proposition, and you should never use it when the bonus isn't sticky. But when you're fighting sticky bonuses, wild variance is your friend.

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