Thursday, July 29, 2004

Find log by travisl for Because there *is* a CITO in "procrastination!" (Traditional Cache)

Find log by travisl for Because there *is* a CITO in "procrastination!" (Traditional Cache):

travisl found Because there *is* a CITO in 'procrastination!' (Traditional Cache)

My little yellow Etrex was giving me fits, with about 50 foot accuracy (''Bird 11, come in bird 11. Bird 11, where are you?''), so I thank you for the useful hints. I still had a bit of trouble figuring which side of the trail to investigate, and how to get the last 25 feet or so, but managed fairly quickly.

The cache was very obvious to anyone who looked, which also made it an easy find. I normally TNLN, but the poster of the geocats was so cute -- I knew GeoGrrrl would love it -- so I left a package of bicycle spoke beads in exchange for it.

As I hopped back onto the main trail, I scared the bejeebees out of a pink-clad female bicyclist who was zipping downhill. I know I don't understand the physics involved, but somehow a 5'6'' woman was able to jump 10 feet out of her seat while doubling her pedaling rate. I think she might have had mutant stretchy legs or something.

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