Friday, July 02, 2004

Log by travisl for ON THE WAY TO THE MALL #3 (Traditional Cache)

Log by travisl for ON THE WAY TO THE MALL #3 (Traditional Cache):

travisl found ON THE WAY TO THE MALL #3 (Traditional Cache)

This cache was neat for a couple of reasons. First, from about a half mile away, I could almost drive in a straight line to the cache, just following the arrow.

Secondly, we got to freak a mundane. I don't know her name, so I'll call her Eugenia.

Eugenia's had a rough day working retail. She's making minimum wage, she had to get up early, and she's forced to work eight hours a day at the Clackamas Town Center. Besides, she lives in Portland, which is enough to drive anyone to drink.

Her one joy during the day is her 30 minute lunch break, where on a sunny day, she can walk out to the far corner of the parking lot, sit in a sunny spot undisturbed, and read a cheezy novel with a buxom babe and Jeremy Irish on the cover.

Today is her unlucky day.

Five minutes after she began her decompression, she looks over her left shoulder to see a blue Saturn with a geocaching sticker in the rear window parking nearby. Looking forward, two people from another vehicle are approaching her authoritatively, moving quickly as if they're on a mission.

''Excuse me, ma'am,'' says one of them. ''Do you mind if...''

Something inside of her has snapped. She cuts him off with a shrill scream, and runs back to the safety of the food court.

I think Eugenia was back in the mall before we found the cache. Neat hide.

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