Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Find log by travisl for A Dicey Hunt (Unknown (Mystery) Cache)

Log by travisl for A Dicey Hunt (Unknown (Mystery) Cache):

travisl found A Dicey Hunt (Unknown (Mystery) Cache)

I think I can see the cache location from Montana!

Easy find with the new coordinates. Remember last week I said that I was 45 feet away from a spot that warranted further examination. Yes, it was there, of course. My GPS today said I was 10 feet away (well within tolerance), so add that to the 45 feet, and you get awfully close to the 57 foot difference ( http://www.airways.com/java/coordcalc.html is cool, but won't help with this puzzle) between the old and new coordinates. Yay!

Stickered the log, TNLN, and had enough time for lunch.

A word of advice: if you don't drive away at a traffic light, be really careful and be ready to punch the accelerator -- cars show up way too fast for a safe left turn here. The geoSaturn was just a few feet away from having its plastic panels becoming really big travel bugs. Whew.

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