Sunday, July 04, 2004

Log by travisl for Singer Creek Cache (Traditional Cache)

Log by travisl for Singer Creek Cache (Traditional Cache):

travisl found Singer Creek Cache (Traditional Cache)

(I posted the following to the forums, too, edited slightly to make sense here.)

It's disappointing that this one is disabled, but as a member of one of the groups that did trespass briefly on the driveway, it's tough not to do just that if you end up on the wrong side of the creek. We parked in the correct spot, mistakenly walked down to the lower field, and were looking for a way uphill to get to the cache location. From the lower field, the driveway looks no different than the paved path -- although it's not connected to the path -- and there were no signs visible from that approach indicating that it's private property. The house isn't visible from there either. We assumed that it was part of the park, and that the driveway mentioned in the forums and on the page was further away.

As soon as we realized we were on the driveway (within 15 seconds of stepping onto it, which was when the beagle started barking and the beagle's owner pointed out our mistake), we backtracked and approached from the upper field (which, from where we parked, wasn't the intuitive approach, and we were surprised that it even existed once we found it). As we got to within 50 feet of the cache area, we could see the driveway and ''private property'' signs, and the beagle began to bark again. We didn't approach the property boundary this time, and found the cache.

I'm sure if I was hunting this one myself, I'd have made the exact same mistake.

Disabling the cache may be a good idea. A better idea may be if the property owner places signage or other markings indicating the property boundary.

I suspect this isn't much different of a case than when a nearby homeowner was upset with the cars coming and going in their cul de sac, in spite of the fact that the public trail access to a public park was located next to their house. (I think this was the ''Elbow Room'' cache, but I'm not certain of it). Some folks don't like when we use public property next to their private property, especially if our presence sets their dogs into barking fits.

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