Thursday, July 01, 2004

Log by travisl for A Dicey Hunt (Unknown (Mystery) Cache)

Log by travisl for A Dicey Hunt (Unknown (Mystery) Cache):

travisl couldn't find A Dicey Hunt (Unknown (Mystery) Cache)

I think I've got the coordinates (obscure, but simple), and they're in a good spot for a cache (a spot I've thought to myself ''there should be a cache back there''), but after 35 minutes of searching, it was time to give up and go back to work.

I built a little rock pile, both to show the next seeker where I was searching, or to aggravate the next seeker who thinks ''that's an unusual pile of rocks -- the cache must be there.''

I wasn't sure if this was a micro or a regular (I didn't print out the cache page), but now that I see it's a micro, there's one more spot I want to give further examination, although my GPS said I was 45 feet away at the time.

(There's another parking space that's a lot closer, if you don't mind increasing the terrain rating by half a star.)

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