Friday, July 16, 2004

Maintenance report by travisl for Pot o' Gold (Traditional Cache)

Maintenance report for Pot o' Gold (Traditional Cache):

travisl posted a note for Pot o' Gold (Traditional Cache)

Stopped by at lunch time to meet The Leprechauns and do a maintenance run. Daddy Leprechaun and I chatted about his recent adventure in Nashville (240 caches in one 24 hour period? Wow!), our dislike for lame micros, and our gratitude to Criminal for coming up with the legendary Frisbee analogy. Little Lep weaseled a hint out of me, Wander Lost had a bit of trouble re-finding it, and Little Lost One let me hold his gorp.

No cache maintenance was needed; it was well hidden, well stocked, and just where I left it. Cachers around here rock -- the cache was placed in April '03, and I've gone to maintain it three times (August '03, January '04, and today). All three times, no maintenance was needed. No trash. Not out in the open. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Somebody remind me again why we need to maintain these things? ;-)

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