Saturday, July 01, 2006

Bet it all on black

So I had my $100 "sticky type II" bonus, which I can play with, but can't withdraw, but which stays in my account until I lose it. Without doing a ton of research, I decided on French Roulette with a house edge of about 1.3%. Blackjack has a better overall house edge, but part of that edge is from doubling and splitting, so it's hard to tell what the house edge on one hand would be.

I'm glad my two brothers were here -- they urged me to go the winning way each time, and I'd have lost if I'd decided to bet on the color/oddness/range I'd originally planned to.

First bet: $100 on black.
Hit: Black 13.
+$100. Cash out $100.

Second bet: $100 on odd.
Hit: Black 15.
+$100. Cash out $100.

Third bet: $100 on 19-36 (high)
Hit: Black 29.
+$100. Cash out $100.

Fourth bet: $100 on black.
Hit: Red 23.
Balance: $0

Casino Elegance: $100 sticky II bonus: +$300
Something-out-of-nothing to date: $3,515

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