Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Surprise - you've got money

No, not from Prism yet (although Chris@prism did send an e-mail begging for players to make a $2000 deposit to get a 60% bonus -- is that how he plans to pay me?). I received a letter in the mail this weekend, which says, in part, "You have the following open, but dormant account(s) with credit balances remaining at Belle Rock Entertainment", followed by my casino account number]. This is strange, as when I signed up for the account, the promotions manager e-mailed me, saying:

We are pleased to see you eager to start playing, but unfortunately your Casino Gaming Account ... has not qualified for the [$25] bonus.

If you would like to know why, please refer to the Promotional Terms and Conditions on the website.

I'd not bothered to try and figure out why, but when I checked today, there was $25 in there. A couple hours of wagering on Red Dog (blackjack's ineligible), and it is up to $75.

I won't count this +$75 until I get the withdrawal completed, though. They seem quite confused.

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