Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A few close scrapes, but another big win

Silver Sands Casino is offering a 200% $200 bonus, 75% sticky, 30x WR ($9000). I deposited $100, and with the $300 in my account, started playing blackjack at $50 a hand. Target: $850.

Sweetest moment: dealt a pair of eights versus a dealer ten. Split them. First hand, got a 2, then a ten, for 20. Second hand, got a 7, then a 5 for 20. Dealer shows a 7, for 17. Plus $100.

Worst moment: Dealt a pair of twos versus dealer six. Split them. First hand, got a 9, doubled, got a 3 for 14. Second hand, got an 8, doubled, got a 5 for 15. Dealer shows a 3, then draws a 10 for 19. Loss of $200. Wacky.

Three times I was down to zero with $50 on the table. Three times I won. Eventually, I hit the $9000 WR, and was back up to $725. I dropped back down to D'Alembert out the last $125. It worked, and I ended with $860 in my account.

I talked to customer support, and they confirmed I met the WR, and that $150 of the $200 bonus was non-cashable, but would stay in the account for future play. I made the $710 withdrawal, which should take "about seven business days."

Silver Sands 200% $200 bonus: +$610
Something-out-of-nothing to date: $4,260

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