Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Winning 66 BB/hour sounds impressive, but...

Back to poker last night, I spent about an hour at two simultaneous 1¢/2¢ $5-max no limit hold em tables at Poker Stars, ending up $1.32. The best hand:

I'm dealt AK in early position. I raise to 8¢ scaring out most of the table, but with two callers.

The flop is 2KA rainbow. Beauty. I check. Middle position checks. Late position puts in 10¢. I merely call -- I want to keep these two players in. Middle position sadly folds.

The flop is a 5. Obviously, there's almost no way this put the other player ahead, unless he's holding 34 (unlikely as heck at this point). He's got about 85¢ left in his stack. If I go for all of it, he'll fold, I'm sure. I toss in 20¢, which implies that I think the 5 helped me, a lot. Or I'm trying to scare him out. He takes the bait and calls.

The river's a K, giving me a kings-over-aces full boat. I put him all in. He thinks about it for a while, pushes his last 65¢ in, and shows A5, "wow, nh, nh, thx".

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