Monday, July 03, 2006

A night at PokerStars means free toast

Yep -- back to poker. How rusty am I? Well, after making a $100 deposit into my never-before-used PokerStars account, I dropped 50 cents as the missed blind on a .25/.50 table, just before I had to leave to eat dinner. Stupid move.

Then I placed somewhere around 160th out of 180 in a $4 + .40 SNG tournament, losing to a set of fives.

But then I sat down at a $3 + .40 turbo, and placed second out of 10 players, earning $9.

This placed me up 70¢ at PokerStars for the night. W00t! That's about the value of a piece of toast from the company cafeteria. Yum.

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