Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Playing poker on company time

We had what I think is an annual picnic for the IT folks at work today. The best part was that I played two hours of cricket with people who actually knew how to play -- I'd never done that before.

The second, quite entertaining thing, was "Poker for Peanuts". Every half hour, six people would get ten peanuts each, and would play five card draw with them.

Yes, five card draw. I hadn't played that since summer camp more than ten years ago, I think. But it's poker, and the prize was five raffle tickets for a drawing going on with a whole bunch of prizes.

It was amusing. I bought one pot, lost to a flush with another, but mainly spent my time explaining main pots and side pots and what beats what.

At the end of 30 minutes, two people had busted out, the person to my right had 12 peanuts, I had 14 peanuts (after being down to two and winning a five person all-in), and the two remaining players were tied with 17 peanuts each. They each got three tickets, but I don't think any of them won.

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