Sunday, July 09, 2006

Oops. That was sticky. And red.

Casino Elegance offered a 100% $50 match, which I took them up on, and then proceeded to play for an hour, $2 a hand, until it shrunk down to zero. Just now, I realized that it was a sticky bonus, which I should have played much more agressively, at $20 a hand or so. Oops.

I played two tournaments at PokerStars tonight, and got knocked out of the both. The second one I went out on the bubble, nothing notable about it.

The first one, a 180-player $4 + $0.40 NLH tournament, I was on the button holding K J. With four other players in, the flop came 7 K 8. The other four players checked, so I put in a pot sized bet, thinking that I'd scare out those who would think I was on a flush draw (or had already made my flush), and limit the field. Almost everyone else folded, except for a player who had either gone all in or bet more than 10x the big blind whenever he had anything resembling a hand. From the hands I'd seen him play, it looked like he was in on any single face card. He put me all in.

This didn't surprise me, from him, and I put him on a king plus a low card, maybe a flush draw in there, but not a flush.

Indeed, he showed K 5. I've got him dominated, right?

Well, the turn was J, giving him the flush. The river, 8, didn't help. Afterwards, I punched it into the odds calculator, and it turns out I wasn't much of a favorite at all, only 49% to 44%, with a 6% chance to tie.


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