Saturday, July 08, 2006 makes good

Back on June 27, I posted a blog entry describing how HighRollersLounge took my $275 in winnings because of a betting pattern that they did not approve of. On June 19, I'd bet $5 a hand, for $1800 WR, on War.

On June 26, I'd chatted with online support ("sir there is nothing more i can help you with."), and e-mailed the casino manager, Oliver Curran, through their support e-mail address. On June 28, having received no response, I sent him a private message through the Casinomeister forums.

When I'd still no response by July 3 (not even "we're looking into it"), I opened a case with Montana Dispute Resolution, which is the dispute resolution service for the casino software provider, Real Time Gaming.

Today, I received the following:

Dear Travis,

The casino confirmed that they made an error and wish to apologize for that. We have confirmed that $125.00 has already been paid to you and the balance of $275.00 has been credited to your account. Please proceed to either initiate a withdrawal or play with that balance.

Thank you,
The Player Dispute Team

I've initiated the withdrawal.

High Rollers Lounge Casino: Reversing the $275 reneg: +$275
Something-out-of-nothing to date: $3,650

I've got concerns now about my Prism Casino withdrawal ($890), but that'll wait until they actually say no.

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