Friday, July 07, 2006

Fall asleep. Win hands anyway.

The game is Omaha Hi/Lo, 2¢/5¢ pot limit. I'm dealt A T 3 2. The board is 4 Q 9. I'm liking the four, because if a 5, 6, 7, or 8 hits, I've got the nut low. A five gives me the wheel straight (A2345). The spades scare me a bit, but I raise from early position and get a few callers.

The turn is 7. I've got the nut low, so I try to figure out what I can bet to not scare others out. I go in for $1, and get one caller.

The river is 9. No flush possibility, so I bet the pot, $3.12. As the other player considers what to do, I come back to reality, and make the stark realization:

I don't have the nut low. I've got crap. A board of 4Q979 doesn't have a low possibility, and -- duh -- I can only use two cards from my hand, not the A, 2, and 3.

He decides I must have hit a full house with the last nine, and folds. I collect $3.12 and exhale.

It's time to start paying attention, lawyer boy.

Several hands later, I'm in late position, and get 2 J T 3.

The board comes A K 4. Again, I'm going for the nut low, one card to go, but this time, I'm awake enough to realize that I'm only using the 2 and 3 to get it. No, I'm not just one card away from a spade flush, I realize that. I make a minor raise to run off the riff raff.

The turn is 7, so I've made my nut low. I bet the pot, and have one caller.

The river is a safe looking Q, so I bet the pot again -- maybe I'll scare him off -- and he calls. I show the nut low, and he shows two pair, so we split the pot.

Except we don't. I get the whole pot. What the heck?

Yeah. That J T that I spent my whole hand ignoring? The queen on the river gave me broadway. Scooped pot of $3.17.

Wake up, lawyer boy. Wake up. Up $2.10 for the night.

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Bill said...

I freaking hate Omaha Hi/Lo. I had to sit here for like five minutes to realize how A2347 could be the nut low. :P