Thursday, July 06, 2006

Where we're going, we don't need... limits

Ahh... back to the stress-free poker life. I'm taking a break from bonus hunting until my outstanding withdrawals show up. I've filed a complaint with High Rollers Lounge's software provider, and will follow up with their licensing jurisdiction if I don't get satisfaction there. For now, it's back to the comparatively stress-free poker tables.

With a bigger bankroll, though, I can afford bigger risks, so after my meager 70¢ win on Monday night, I decided to play at the 25¢/50¢ no-limit hold 'em tables. If you look back through all of my old posts, you'll see that the online poker game I've played almost exclusively is limit poker.

Three simultaneous tables, $10 buy-in at each, +$21 overall. The hand I feel the worst about was when I held pocket red queens, and two other players started raising each other $1-$2 a shot when the board came T93 with a couple of clubs. I laid my queens down after throwing my first $1 in there, because I was pretty sure that one of them had hit their set, and another was on a flush draw. A third club came on the turn, one player went all in, the other called, and after the river, the calling player wins with... a ten for top pair? WTF?

But even more fun (but less profit), I simultaneously played Omaha 8-or-better at two 5¢/10¢ limit tables and one 5¢/10¢ pot limit table. If the play is as bad at the higher limits as at the lower, I definitely need to move up. I ended up ahead about $3 after an hour's play, but I'd bet that higher limits don't necessarily equate to better play, at least for the lower levels.

Want to make money online at O8B? Here's the three step process:

1) Google for omaha better "starting hands"

2) Only play those starting hands.

3) Profit!

Yeah, it seems to be that easy.

On a related note, the Ante Up podcast seems to imply that another good way to make easy wins is to learn and follow good basic Razz strategy (see Super/System), then play the Razz tables at Full Tilt. I'll give that a try one of these days.

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