Monday, May 10, 2004

Log by travisl for The Cop Stop (Traditional Cache)

Log by travisl for The Cop Stop (Traditional Cache):

travisl found The Cop Stop (Traditional Cache)

Hi, I'm Faith Sunbeam. I'm a member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Vegetables, and I need to ask please, PLEASE, won't someone please think of the grass and the dandelions and the blackberry bushes? These poor vegetables deserve a long, healthy life, but the presence of this micro geocache in an area with amazingly beautiful thicket of lush grass, perky dandelions, embracing blackberry bushes, cottonwoods with leaves that seem to kiss the ground, stately douglas firs that oversee everything... it breaks my heart.

From afar, I observed three cachers spend almost an hour looking for this cache. Along the way they crushed an uncountable number of blades of grass, stomped willy-nilly on dandelions (forcing them to release their young before they were old enough to take care or themselves), stabbed mercilessly at balls of cottonwood fluff using fallen cottonwood twigs (oh, the horror!), and pick up every rock in a 50 foot radius, tossing them with reckless disregard onto the vegetation they were violently assaulting.

Finally, after TravisL had been there for about 45 minutes (the look on the other two's faces when he arrived told me that they knew this would be a long hunt), Zebo found it, further south than any of them had been looking before, and southwest of the patch of ex-dandelions where their GPSR's were zeroing out. That's 45 needless minutes of suffering for the poor dandelions. Can't you imagine how they feel?

The sheer evilness of hiding a micro in a vegitatively lush area such as this brings me to tears. The poor blades of grass. The poor thorny blackberries. I can't take it.

I'm going to go have a steak now.

No, not with a salad, you barbarian."

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