Monday, May 10, 2004

Log by travisl for Turning On/Off the Tapps! (Traditional Cache)

Log by travisl for Turning On/Off the Tapps! (Traditional Cache):

travisl found Turning On/Off the Tapps! (Traditional Cache)

A good cache, to me, can be one that takes me to a spot that I've always wanted to visit, one that shows me a neat place I wouldn't otherwise go, one that doesn't play 'I've got you here -- now good luck you fool ', one that can get to on my lunch break, and one that gives me a FTF.

Check. Check. Check. Check. Check. Yup. This is a good cache. I didn't believe the wheelchair accessibility part, but it's true. The coordinates originally had me in a non-ADA compliant spot, but they settled down quickly, and I found the cache almost as quickly.

In the logbook, I wrote something to the effect of ''there's people about 100 feet away, and I bet they see me. I'll go talk to them after I'm done.'' Problem is, they left before I got the chance. While this is a great area for a cache, I'm guessing it won't be here long before it gets muggled.

I took the WG$, and left a water puzzle/game. I used the WG$ to buy a bag of pretzels in a new vending machine at work.

(My obligitory tangent here: You know when you buy a bag of chips from a vending machine -- you put the coins in, punch in the code for the chips, the spiral wire spins and feeds the chips forward, the chips are tottering at the precipice... and the spiraling stops, and you shake the machine, beat the machine, curse the machine, put your hand through the glass of the machine, wipe the excess blood off on the machine, and grab your chips? Well, thanks to advances in modern technology, the machine manufacturers have remedied this problem.

My pretzels got stuck at the end of the spiral cycle. They didn't fall. They just sat there for five seconds. Then, because the pretzel bag didn't break an invisible electric beam, the spiraling commenced again, feeding another bag of pretzels forward and off. Two bags for the price of one. Yay!)

Thanks for the pretzels and the hunt.

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