Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Log by travisl for Standing Trees (Traditional Cache)

Log by travisl for Standing Trees (Traditional Cache):

travisl found Standing Trees (Traditional Cache)

My one and only cache on my 13 hour drive from Tacoma to Reno. MapPoint said I should take a 15 minute break here, so I took 30 and scrambled across the rocks to this cache.

This marks the first cache this week where I started to worry about rattlesnakes. We don't have nasty creatures like those in Tacoma. Just a stench.

The black plastic bag was doing a great job of collecting water and funneling it onto the cache. I removed it and rehid the cache in the wet ziploc. The cache itself seems fine.

I dropped off the Lucky Duck TB, but it looks like someone else grabbed it before I got a chance to log it in here. That's a quick duck!

On the topo map for the area, there's strange blue blobs in Poison Lake. I figured they were submerged volcanos or giant aquatic boogers or an ancient civilzation, but was bummed to find out they're only clumps of grass.

Nice place for a cache. Thanks.

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