Saturday, May 22, 2004

Log by travisl for Rest in Peace (Traditional Cache)

Log by travisl for Rest in Peace (Traditional Cache):

travisl found Rest in Peace (Traditional Cache)

Wow. What an amazingly cool cache. This one's gonna make it onto my top 5% list. Great container, and a spot I pass every day and have always meant to visit but never have. Thanks for getting me out here.

It took me about ten minutes to find it, but I was going at a very leisurely pace, checking out all of the 19th century engravings. Geogrrrl's went to daycare next door, about five years ago, and one day they decided to take a field trip (I guess that's almost literal) out here. Geogrrrl still remembers seeing the grave of a baby.

Dragonfli was not amused that the preschoolers came out here, but she doesn't like spots like this anyway. I think she's watched too many horror movies. Decomposing carbon and proteins don't do anything for me, unless they stink. Then I'll avoid them.

A rubbery white substance is coating the logbook's bag. Some of it got on my fingers -- I think it's glue. The logbook's in great shape, though.

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