Monday, May 10, 2004

Log by travisl for Gateway to Triple F (Traditional Cache)

Log by travisl for Gateway to Triple F (Traditional Cache):

travisl found Gateway to Triple F (Traditional Cache)

As I pull into the nearly empty parking lot, I notice that a Pierce County sheriff is sitting in his car near the yellow gate, engine running, taking up three or four spaces, facing south. I think, ''hey, what the heck'', and to make it as obvious as possible that I don't think I'm up to no good, I park three spaces away from him, not in his way, but close enough to let him know I'm definitely aware of his presence. I get out, grab my geo-pack from the trunk, and walk around the back of his car, because I'm expecting that this cache is on the way to FFF, so it must be past the yellow gate. By the time I get to the gate, though, the arrow is pointing me in a different direction, so I walk around the car and follow the arrow to ground zero.

I don't know if I spooked the cop, 'cause he left as soon as I got on the grass.

At ground zero, there's really only one obvious spot -- I saw it once in Yakima, and again at a Phatboyz cache in South Tacoma. I kick aside the grass covering it and...

Hey! No cache! GEMs... I should know better than to expect you to make it that easy. I mean, I've done your and Book Drop and Downtown Graham caches, so I think I know how you think, but this spot is just so perfect that...


That doesn't look right.

Not to give anything away -- ok, maybe I do mean to give it away, but just to the three of us in the know, and Moun10Bike's already found it. Gaviidae and k7-wave will get it, too. Remember ''Cache Practice 2'' up in Vancouver, where k7-wave thought he was Ichiro and almost took off the old lady's wig with one swing of the bat? It's a little tougher of a pitch here, but, um... ''Swing, batter!''

Signed the surprisingly dry logbook and replaced the container.

This park sure has changed since I waded through chest high grass and shin high puddles to have goats laugh at me as I nearly got electrocuted two years ago looking for FFF. Lookin' good.

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