Monday, May 10, 2004

Log by travisl for Seattle Seekers Memorial Cache (Traditional Cache)

Log by travisl for Seattle Seekers Memorial Cache (Traditional Cache:

travisl couldn't find Seattle Seekers Memorial Cache (Traditional Cache)

The motorhome that BuffyAndFamily, Kodak's4, Translucent Green, and UWDawg mentioned in their logs was there again today, and it was indeed close enough (actually up on the curb this time) that I could touch it and the tank at the same time.

I searched for 20 minutes, in spite of the garage sale at the nearby house, and finally broke down and called GEMs. I think he did a great job of telling me where the cache should have been (almost at ground level below the shoe in The Enumcachers photo, right?), but I sure couldn't find it. After a half hour of searching, it was time to go.

If it's not there, I think I've jinxed it. This is my second DNF on this cache (one more to go before I get 100!), and I was the first DNF after it went missing last time, too.

Nice sunny day and a nice park, though. Thanks for bringing me back down here for a third time.

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