Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A feeble attempt at rules lawyering

The first deposit wagering requirements at American Grand are written something to the effect of 9x deposit ($100) + 9x bonus ($200), and 20x deposit + bonus for blackjack. Roulette, craps, baccarat, and pontoon are excluded from the wagering requirements.

Another requirements page on their site says that for other promotions, wagering requirements are 30x deposit + bonus for all blackjack games.

So, since I was playing Carribean 21, and not true blackjack, I argued that the game should be included in the 9x requirements ($2700) and not the 20x requirements ($6000). They didn't buy it -- they say Caribbean 21 is blackjack. I'm not gonna fight them on it; I'm more than halfway there, and currently more than one SD ahead of expectations. As my brother pointed out, there's really no way to go after an online casino if they rip you off. Not that I expect Grand American to, but there's no need to tick off the golden goose.

I'm at currently at $407.50 at $3300 WR, which has moved my expected results from:

- 2 SD- 1 SDExpected final+ 1 SD+ 2 SD

One somewhat unique restriction to American Grand is that they require that you have less than your deposit ($100) or more than your deposit + bonus ($300) in order to make a withdrawal. I'm feeling more comfortable now about not having to end with a chancy 'system' to build back up to $300.

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