Saturday, June 10, 2006

Local brick and mortar info

I've had to make some phone calls for my brother's upcoming bachelor party, and since there's nowhere online that seems to compile this kind of info on a regular basis, maybe someone surfing the search engines will find it useful. For brick and mortar casinos in the Tacoma, Washington area, as of early June 2006:

The best:
Happy Days, Lakewood: $1 minimum bets at blackjack, $3/$6 hold 'em, $20+$5 hold 'em tournament starting at midnight.
Emerald Queen, Tacoma: $3 minimum bets at blackjack, craps, and roulette. No poker available.

The rest:
$3 blackjack, $3/$6 hold 'em: Freddie's Club
$3 blackjack, $4/$8 hold 'em: Hawk's Prairie, Lacey
$5 blackjack, $4/$8 hold 'em: Silver Dollar, both Tacoma locations
$5 blackjack, $3/$6 hold 'em: Chips Casino, Lakewood
$5 blackjack, $3/$6 hold 'em: Muckleshoot. Roulette and craps available, too (probably $5).
$5 blackjack, $3/$6 hold 'em: Rising Dragon, Tacoma (manager says poker is slow, only offered if enough people)
$5 blackjack, $3/$6 hold 'em, full kill: Pt. Defiance Cafe, Tacoma. Evening tournaments begin next week.
$5 blackjack, no poker: Great American Casino, Lakewood
$5 blackjack, $5 craps, $2 roulette, $3/$6 hold 'em: Red Wind Casino, Nisqually

Silver Dollar 6th Avenue has a $45 buy-in tournament at 7:15 PM. No other tournaments after 3:00 PM on Saturday.

In case you're not aware, roulette and craps are available only at indian casinos; card games are available almost anywhere.

The Emerald Queen's Fife location only has slots and keno, making it the worst.

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