Friday, June 02, 2006

A bad run of cards, and I still come out ahead

Grinding through the $4000 wagering requirement (WR) at bet365 was going slowly last night, even though I was playing 5-handed blackjack at $1 a spot. I'd gotten about a quarter of the way through it, my high point was at $450 (+$250) and low was $380 (+$180), and decided that yeah, I could handle a higher variance, so I increased my bets to $2 per spot.

The path to the WR was certainly moving faster, but wow, what swings. At the low point, I was at $198 (-$2), and the high point after the low was at $389 (+$189). I finally met the WR with my account at $231, then played a bit more, bringing the final balance to $250 (+$50).

There was a point where for something like ten hands in a row, the dealer was showing a good card (like a 5), and then spiked something like 8,8 to hit 21, laying the smacketh down on my double down split aces.

Ah well. I like to think of this as +50 instead of -150, 'cause I really did end up ahead. $200 deposit match, +$50
Something out of nothing to date: +$712

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