Monday, June 05, 2006

Caribbean 21 rocks

American Grand casino is offering a 200% $200 max match, with wagering requirements of 9x deposit + bonus ($2700), 20x for blackjack ($6000), Baccarrat, Craps, Pontoon, and Roulette excluded. I crunched the numbers, and they offer Caribbean 21, which has a microscopic 0.19% house advantage, and a standard deviation of 1.62. Expected results within one standard deviation are $163.12-$414.08. I'm about one sixth of the way in to the WR, and am sitting close to $400 (+$300).

By comparison, standard blackjack has a higher house edge at 0.43% but a lower SD (1.2), with expected results at $181.25-$367.15. Caribbean 21 has a higher risk, but an even slightly higher reward.

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