Friday, June 23, 2006

Maybe I should lose more often

As I mentioned in my last post, I lost $200 last night at Vegas Strip Casino, hunting for their sticky bonus. No biggie. It gave me a chance to watch the final three episodes of Doctor Who (thanks, LimeWire and Tivo!)

So this afternoon, I get the following array of offers in my mailbox:

  • 50% on $500 or more, no max, non-sticky
  • 80% on $25 or more, max 15x cashout, 75% sticky (?)
  • 100% on $1000 or more, no max, no WR, non sticky (!!!)
  • 200% on $50 or more, max 10x cashout, sticky
  • 275% on $25 or more, max 10x cashout, sticky
  • 350% on $25 or more, max 10x cashout, sticky
  • 350% on $100 or more, plus 10% on all deposits since June 1, max 10x cashout, sticky
  • plus a few others not worth mentioning (e.g., slots only).
In reality, almost all offers would have an upper limit, so as to what they mean by "or more," it's hard to say. Based on a conversation I had with Prism Casino a week or so ago, I'd assume it's far above my bankroll, though, maybe $10,000 or so.

That third offer in the list, 100% with no WR? it seems like a good deal, but I'm sure that if I were to drop $2000 in there and then try to instantly take out $4000, they'd refuse it, arguing "bonus abuse".

I'll probably drop another $100 on the 200% bonus tonight.

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