Thursday, June 22, 2006

More on my getting blacklisted

I mentioned last Wednesday that Swiss Casino had locked me out, for what I'd guessed was a mistake regarding failed withdrawal attempts at an affiliated site, Casino Las Vegas. On Monday, I discovered that I was also locked out of Kiwi Casino, so last night I e-mailed Casino Las Vegas and Swiss Casino to find out if they could unblock me.

Swiss Casino replied first:

Thank you for choosing Swiss Casino.
I would like to inform you that your account was not locked due to your many failed withdraw attempts.

Also I would like to inform you that Kiwi Casino is also affiliated with us. For you to unlock your accounts you would have to call the respected casino security department and they can advise you on how to unlock your accounts.

The reply from Casino Las Vegas arrived this morning. Not exactly on point (I didn't request another bonus), but very enlightening:

Our automated system has declined your request for a bonus. This may be due to abusive bonus activity. The following is a statement directly from our "Terms of Use": "Casino Las Vegas reserves the right to refuse or rescind the Bonus for any reason including, but not restricted to, player abuse. In case of abuse, Casino Las Vegas reserves the right to discontinue player's membership and to prevent the player from accessing Casino Las Vegas in the future.

My violation? Ending up +$210 on their network after meeting their WR, I guess. From last Wednesday's post:

I started at Casino King, and on June 12, lost $100. I then played at Casino Las Vegas, and ended up +$303, with a balance of $533 ($303 + $100 deposit + $130 bonus). ... I should have waited to confirm, but instead played another $240, ending up ahead another $7.

At least I got paid.

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