Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I went for my third sticky bonus tonight, this time at Casino Las Vegas. Just like at Casino King, after I poked around for a few minutes, the floor manager IMed me and offered me an additional 30%. I took him up on his offer, getting a $130 sticky bonus for my $100 deposit. (If I'd have been checking my e-mail, I'd have seen a 200% offer in there.)

I started betting $50 a hand, started on a lucky streak, and hit my target of $500 after just $400 in wagers. I had $2760 in wagers to make, so I hit my target way early. I dropped down to $1 a hand, 5 hands at a time. By the time I got to $1400 in wagers, I was down to $415, so I went back to $50 a hand for two single hands, winning both, bringing me up to $515. I played the next $600 in wagers again at $1 x 5 hands, dropped down slightly to $501, then played the next 25 single hands at $10 each, bringing me up to $556. Back down to $1 x 5 hands for the last 400 hands, and I ended at $533. Subtracting out the $130 sticky and my $100 deposit...

Casino Las Vegas $100 + $30 sticky bonus: +$303
Something-out-of-nothing to date: $1,453

(shouldn't I be asleep?)

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