Sunday, June 11, 2006

Bonus hunting at brick-and-mortar

Last night was my brother's bachelor party. We went to Happy Days Casino in Lakewood, with the intent of playing $1 blackjack until the midnight poker tournament. As a pleasant surprise, when we signed up for the tournament, each of us got two up-to-$10 match play coupons. The best bet in the casino was, of course, blackjack, and to get full value, we've gotta put $10 on them.

Two bets, two wins, +$40. Bill also was +$40. Trestin was 1-for-2, so broke even. Phil, using Trestin's money, was 0-for-2, -$20.

I'm not gonna count this +$40 in my something-for-nothing count, though. Partly because it was out of my real-life money fund, and secondly because I ended up otherwise -$15 at blackjack and ended up losing at the first level of the poker tournament (-$25), so broke even overall for the night.

(Side note: Starluck just gave me $5 free, which I failed to convert into $20.)

1 comment:

Trestin said...

Actually, going 1 for 2 left me up $10.

1. Put in $10, win, take out $30
2. Put in $10, lose.

Of course, then Phil lost two hands.