Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sticky? Not sticky? Time will tell is currently offering a 300% / $300 bonus, and their terms and conditions mention nothing about the bonus not being fully cashable. My spreadsheet had mentioned that their bonus was sticky (meaning I read in their terms last month that it was sticky), and older sites (bonusbug, flopturnriver) refer to their bonus as sticky, but it's not listed there now.

I called them yesterday morning and asked "Is the 300% signup bonus non-cashable, or is it fully cashable?" The operator's response, "it's cashable".

So, I dropped in $100, had $400 to play with, and proceeded to play single-hand Blackjack Surrender at $5 a hand. The WR is $8000 (about 1600 hands).

I started out by losing my first ten hands in a row. If I had been playing for a sticky bonus, I'd have been broke by this point. It turned around though, and by hand 61, I was back at $400. By hand 275, I was up to $500. The next 600 hands fluctuated, then turned south, and at hand 960, I was down to $385. I climbed back up to $500 at around hand 1400, end ended at $457.50 when I had met the WR.

Because I'd made $8000 in wagers, CasinoOnline comped me $8. I took the remaining 50 cents and dropped it into a 5 cent slot machine, making $5 on my last nickel.

So, if it's not a sticky...

Casino Online: $300 bonus: +$370
Something out of nothing to date: $1,820

Hey, I've got enough for a single table 6-player WSOP satellite! (Nope. Not gonna happen.)

(June 21 note: no, it wasn't sticky. The $470 withdrawal just showed up.)

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