Monday, June 19, 2006

Quickest $275 ever

High Rollers Casino has a slightly different offer than most others. Wagering requirements are 7x for most games, except Blackjack games are 14x, and the standard four excluded games are excluded (baccarat, craps, roulette, sicbo). Minimum table bet is $5 per hand. Withdrawals must be less than the original deposit, or more than the original deposit+bonus.

I ran the numbers, and compared standard blackjack at 14x (0.58% house edge, expected final result $229.70, +/- $158.75) with War at 7x (2.88% house edge, $199.60 expected final, +/- $98.22). I decided to go with War, and it plays a lot faster than BJ does. After 30 minutes of play, I'd already hit my wagering requirement.

Maybe someone better with math than me can look over this "War" chart, but I think I ended up taking in more than two standard deviations more than expected.

- 2 SD- 1 SDExpected final+ 1 SD+ 2 SD
I ended up with $400.

High Rollers Casino: $125 match bonus: +$275.00
Something-out-of-nothing to date: $2,095

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