Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bits and bits

  • My Seventeen Pedestals cache in Fife has gone missing. I need to replace it soon.
  • No response yet from I found a link to e-mail the casino manager directly (through, a great watchdog site), and did so last night. I also initiated a withdrawal of the $125 initial deposit, just to be on the safe side.
  • The new player bonuses are starting to get harder to find. Either the site is on CasinoMeister's or WizardOfOdds' list of casinos to avoid, the WR is too high, or they only allow higher-than-acceptable-risk games.
  • I'm still waiting on my withdrawals from Prism and VegasStrip to show up. Prism says it takes 5-10 business days for the withdrawal to be approved.
  • Yesterday, I ran an Excel simulation of 107 sessions of playing 0.50% house edge blackjack, given a 250% bonus on a $100 deposit, $50 a hand. In those 107 sessions, the simulation hit the goal of $800 58 times (54%), and busted out 49 times. Switching to 2.8% house edge War, the winning percentage dropped to just over 10%, reinforcing for me what a difference the house edge makes.
  • Listening to the Poker Diagram podcast on the way in to work this morning reinforced that I really need to get playing poker again. The last time I played was at TMIB's bachelor party, and like PokerDiagram's Zog, I got knocked out in a race, holding on to a naked big slick post-flop knowing the other player had hit top pair.
  • is still spamming me, in spite of my multiple unsubscribe requests. My domain registrar now sends autoreplies from my custom CDPoker address and forwards the incoming mail into my spam collection address before it even hits my e-mail server. Stupid site.

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Trestin said...

Maybe we can get a game together at the canal Saturday night. Oh, and post flop, your AK is definitely a loser to top pair (76.67%) It's only pre-flop that it's a race.