Monday, June 26, 2006

Looking good this time

I mentioned the list of Vegas Strip offers that rolled in last Friday afternoon, and on Friday night, I signed up for their "275% on $25 or more, max 10x cashout, sticky" offer (it's WR was 30x, not 40x like the 350% offers). It turns out "or more" means "up to $100,000", so it's essentially infinite. With numbers that high, the table limits would make achieving the playthrough pretty much impossible.

I bought in for $100, and got $375 to play with. 30x WR means I've got to playthrough $11,250. After a little bit of up-and-down at $50 a hand, my balance started going up, up, up, and I hit my target of $1000 at about $3500 of playthrough. Making up the difference of $7750 at $5 a hand would be quite tedious and time-consuming, so I kept playing at $50 a hand, dropped down to $650, then back up to $1012.50 at about the $6500 playthrough level. I then started playing $5 a hand, two hands at a time, and have fluctuated around the $1000 mark, down as low as $920, and up as far as $1200.

It got late, I got tired, and as I started to doze off, I watched myself stand on an 8 against the dealer's 10. Yeah, time to go to bed and finish up on Monday night. With about $1500 in WR to go, it's looking like I'll end between +$525 and +$1025.

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